About Our Roblox Cheats!

Roblox cheats is an online tool designed specially for Roblox Users to Get or as we say "generate" unlimited amount of free robux.

If you use the Roblox cheats, you get to have immediate access to all the items you need and a wide variety of other features that are just a sheer pleasure to explore. The thing to note in here is that the game has a primary focus on quality and the experience does tend to be more and more diverse because of that reason alone.

Moreover, the quality delivered by the game once you get free Robux is a lot better. You see, Roblox is a game that delivers tons of items that you have to check out and they all tend to have a wonderful experience without that much of a hassle. It works to your own advantage and the outcome can be very rewarding in the end.

Features of Roblox Cheats & Tips


It will take you less than 1 minute to generate 2500 free robux.


With our new proxy security system your roblox account always safe.


We will not charge you anything for generating robux.


No needs no download any scatchy software to your computers, our cheats tool is working online.


We don't have any limitions on how many robux you can get to your account.


We are an official roblox partners. That's why all the robux you get are real.

Our Team

Peter Jane

CEO of RobuxMe

Janny Seam

Coder of Roblox Cheats

Steve Watson

Support on Free Robux

Nick Wilson

Security Coder

  • I have been looking for such a long time a real working Roblox Cheats and finally found one. Since I'm a student I don't have extra money to get robux, but thanks to robuxme now I have a source of free robux. Thank you for this!

    Winston- USA
  • Still can't imagine that this cheats is working! I just transfered more than 5000 robux to my account for free! Can you imagine? I would have spent hunderds of dollars just to buy them officially, but trough this website I can do it for free! I LOVE YOU ROBUXME.COM!

    Divide - France

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